New frame options "USM-R & USR-R" applicable on the UNIRACK shelving series

METALSISTEM is pleased to present new frame bracing components applicable on the UNIRACK shelving series. The new frame bracing items are made from rectangular tubes with flanged ends, bolted onto the UNIRACK uprights. The new frame bracing allows to fully exploit the features and performance of the UNIRACK uprights. When applied within the USM-R and USR-R series, frame depths of up to 1200 mm may be achieved.

In addition to the above mentioned innovation, METALSISTEM is also pleased to announce a significant price reduction applicable on its range of USM and USR uprights. The price reduction applied on these items is up to -15%. Thanks to this price reduction, the overall cost of the reinforced USM-R and USR-R frame series is lower than that of the current USM and USR frames, while providing significantly improved performance and allowing for new frame bay configurations.

The new USM-R and USR-R frame series are available for immediate supply.
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