Skywards ... with METALSISTEM

Those of our customers who have passed by our headquarter premises recently, as well as many locals and visitors, have been wondering about the 25 meter high structure that has emerged from ground in the blink of an eye. Within hardly a month, 70 tons of steel have been given the shape of a parallelepipedon clad with translucent polycarbonate sheets, towering elegantly towards the sky in front of the METALSISTEM premises. Illuminated from the inside, at nighttime the structure resembles a giant lampshade.

What is it all about? That has been the most frequently asked question throughout the past weeks.

It's certainly a double challenge!

The challenge of erecting fully adjustable rack clad structures made from SUPER 4-5-6 uprights in a height of 25 meters without splicing. Achieving the utmost with the minimum, following METALSISTEM's philosophy. The final result is a tower used as a lab for prototypes and for the testing of new items conceived by our Research & Development Department.

On another subject, this new building serves as a test platform for the exploitation of wind energy, containing highly innovative machines of latest conception.

Green Economy, renewable energies, energy efficiency ... themes that have never been a sideshow for METALSISTEM, themes that METALSISTEM echoes with investments, structures, research.

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